Grant Policies & Procedures

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1180 Spring Centre S. Boulevard, Suite 304
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

1.  Grant Policies and Procedures
2.  Exhibit A – General Terms and Conditions

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A. Geographic Limitations:

The Foundation welcomes grant requests from (otherwise) eligible tax-exempt organizations under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and Section 509(a) located and/or operating within the Florida Counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Brevard Counties, Florida.

B. General Purposes:

  1. Based on policy resolutions adopted by Members of the Corporation and the Board of Directors of the VNA Foundation, Inc., this Foundation is operated to:  (i) provide support to charitable tax-exempt community related activities that will benefit home health care services and care for the elderly and infirm; (ii) to provide assistance to indigent patients or clients of home health agencies or other social service agencies in need of home health care products or other health care services; (iii) to provide relief to the poor and needy in society, and (iv) to promote an awareness of good health and health care to the public on a charitable basis.

Special consideration will be given to distributions and grants to charitable and educational organizations which are organized and operated to help underprivileged or needy people to improve themselves or to relieve human suffering.

  1. Typically, Grants will range from $5,000 to $50,000.  In order to consider more grants, 50% are on challenge or match basis.
  2. Grants larger than $50,000 are typically spread over 2 or 3 years, installment payments, often on a challenge match basis.

C. Grant Policy Limitations:

The Foundation will deny requests (as adopted by our Board of Directors):

  1. “For alcoholism or drug abuse programs or facilities;
  2. “To pay off deficits or pre-existing debt;
  3. “For foreign organization or for foreign expenditures.  For this purpose ‘foreign’ means outside the United States, or its territories and possessions, whether the organization itself is U.S. based or foreign based.
  4. “For travel projects or fellowships;
  5. “For chiefly church, sacramental, denominational or inter-denominational purposes, except outreach projects for elderly, indigent, needy, youth or homeless regardless of belief, race, color, creed or sex.
  6. “For endowment funds or other purely revenue generating funds;
  7. “Advocacy organizations or advocacy component funding;
  8. “From organizations having receipts or revenues from memberships and/or contributions of less than $25,000 in the previous year, or from any organization whose Internal Revenue Code section 509(a) ‘publicly supported’ status will need renewal in the next six (6) months.”

D. Grant Request Procedures:

  1. A letter of inquiry stating the amount sought and purpose of the grant, and nature of the organization should be mailed to the VNA Foundation, Inc.

We cannot accept facsimile transmissions.

  1. A partially completed or completed grant request contrary to policy or negative precedents, will either be denied or submitted to the Executive Committee or the Grants Committee for an indication of special interest.  In most instances, the decision is in the form of an early denial of the grant request.
  2. On each completed grant request (other than requests having a policy question), we may conduct a field review (site visit) by one or more Officers or Directors of the Foundation before presenting the grant request to the Grants Committee and Board of Directors for action.  The field review includes a conference with the organization’s professional staff involved in the request, one or more of its Board of Directors or Trustees, appropriate accounting personnel of the organization, as well as a review of actual operations.
  3. After the field review, completed requests are presented to the Grants Committee and then to the Board of Directors for grants review, committee meetings and other business.  Affirmative grant offer letters are issued immediately following the Board meeting.  You are asked to accept the grant terms, including our “General Terms and Conditions,” a copy of which is attached to the grant letter (Exhibit 1).  If the grant is a match or challenge grant, you should be prepared to meet the deadlines specified in the grant letter, within which to certify the match to us, including a list of matching donors and contributions, and other data (such as whether “new” or “increased”).

E. Grantee Reporting Requirements – Post-Grant Audits:

Annually, Grantees are requested to provide the Foundation with a relatively short form progress report.   When the grant funds have been fully spent, a final report is required which contains a list of the disbursements of the grant balanced against the grant budget, together with an evaluation of the results of the grant.  New grant requests will not be processed by the Foundation until the final report has been filed on any prior grant.  The Foundation, from time-to-time, conducts post-review audits of previously completed grants.  This is primarily for the purpose of assisting the Foundation in establishing its own grant policies as well as to review the stewardship of the grant funds by the Grantee.

F. Reapplications:

In case a grant is denied, reapplication on the same grant request ordinarily will not be considered within the same fiscal year of this Foundation (ending December 31st).

Reapplications on a denied request ordinarily are not encouraged.  However, unless the organization is not eligible for tax or policy reasons, denial of a grant request is without prejudice to your submitting other requests on different projects or on other subjects within the same or later fiscal years of this Foundation.

G. Submission of Requests:

Grant requests are to be received by August 1st.

The Foundation will not accept proposals by facsimile.  Transmittal of proposals by facsimile will not be acknowledged or considered having met the deadline.

Grant requests are reviewed in the date order filed, so early filing is encouraged.  Email  the Foundation office (Web to check on the status of your proposal.

H. Office Conferences:

Please contact us in advance for appointments.  Much can be done by telephone rather than travel.  An office conference is welcomed on a draft request or on filing a complete request.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office.

I. Grant Request Outline:

Grant requests should follow carefully our Outline of Grant Request Requirements.  This is a separate outline sent to you with this Policy Statement.  Simple sentences, short answers and use of attachments of exhibits already available are encouraged.

We require four (4) sets of the Grant Request, except that only 2 copies of the various attachments( i.e. audit reports, Form 990, interim financial statements, etc.) are necessary.  Deliver or mail to:

VNA Foundation, Inc.
1180 Spring Centre S Boulevard, suite 304
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Web site:

Rev. 01/22




The total amount of this grant, or of any payment thereof, may be discontinued, modified or withheld at any time when, in the judgment of the VNA Foundation, Inc. such action is necessary to comply with the requirements of law, or to comply with the requirements of Internal Revenue laws, regulations or rulings.

This grant and notice of approval are also subject to your performance of the following terms and conditions:

  1. That a progress report be filed, at least annually, stating what is being accomplished by the grant funds.
  2. That at the request of the Foundation, but to be filed with the Foundation at least at the end of the grant, whether requested or not, complete financial details of your administration of the grant including a statement showing the actual disbursements made and the persons to whom such disbursements were paid, and that such payments were made for the purposes of the grant.  Any portion of the grant which is not used for the designated program shall be repaid to the VNA Foundation, Inc.  The Foundation may require the reports be certified by a firm of Certified Public Accountants of your selection.
  3. Upon completion of the grant, to provide VNA Foundation, Inc. with a summary final accounting of the grant meeting the requirements of paragraph 2 above.
  4. That your organization consents that representatives of VNA Foundation, Inc. may have complete access to your files and records for the purpose of making such financial audits, verifications, and investigations as it deems necessary with reference to the grant.
  5. Upon completion of the grant, a report of the activities carried on under the grant, careful evaluation thereof, and a summary of results obtained.

The foregoing terms and conditions are intended to help us satisfy the requirements of the most current Tax Reform and Relief Act.  Revisions of these terms may be necessitated from time to time to meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code, regulations or tax rulings, or other requirements of law.

The VNA Foundation, Inc. will expect to receive from you an acknowledgement of your acceptance of this grant and of the foregoing conditions prior to disbursements of any funds.

Rev. 01/22


Outline of Grant Request Requirements

This Foundation asks that requests for grants or other funds be submitted to it in writing.  There are no specific application forms, but the Board of Directors wishes the following information to accompany each grant request:

  1. Name, address, contact officer and telephone number of the tax-exempt organization which will be the recipient of the grant or funds.
  2. The amount requested and a complete statement of why the grant is needed and what will be done with the money.
  3. Position or relationship to the applicant organization of the individual signing the grant request, and that the grant request has been authorized by the governing board to be submitted on behalf of the requesting organization.
  4. List your other major supporters or contributors.
  5. Whether aid is being sought on this project or will be requested from other foundations or any other sources; whether such solicitation is contemplated; and, if so, the names of these sources and the amounts requested from each over $1,000.  (This is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted to mean that we discourage aid from other sources; in fact, we strongly encourage participation of other donors).
  6. Significance of the grant; that is—
     - What the grant is expected to accomplish; and
     - How the project or operations will be financed after funds from this Foundation are expended.
  7. Tests by which the effectiveness of the grant, if made, should be judged when the grant funds have been expended, or results known.
  8. A detailed budget of the project or need, showing how the requested funds from this Foundation would be spent.   (Three columns usually are effective:  Line Item; Total Project; and Foundation Funds).
  9. An explanation of why the organization cannot assume the budget or costs of the project with its own resources and fundraising.
  10. A statement that the requesting organization will furnish a report showing how the funds were spent and that funds were spent solely for the purposes for which the grant is sought.  Such reports must satisfy the requirements of the VNA Foundation, Inc., the Internal Revenue Service, and may be required to be certified by a Certified Public Accountant.  If a grant is made by the Foundation to your organization, you will be expected to accept the terms and conditions set out in Exhibit “A” attached to the Grants Policies and Procedures Statement.
  11. The length of time for which the Foundation aid will be needed, including a timetable showing starting date and completion dates for the project or for use of the grant funds.  Please do not omit this information, and advise us of any changes, if any.
  12. The names, occupations and business affiliations of each of the Board of Directors or the Trustees responsible for the management of the requesting organization.
  13. The names and qualifications of the persons proposed to manage the grant, if made.
  14. The application must furnish as attachments:
     - A copy of its most recent letter of exemption from the Internal Revenue Service demonstrating that it is an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
     - A copy of the form or letter from the Internal Revenue Service classifying the applicant as “not” a private foundation under Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.  If this is not available, an explanation should be submitted as to the status of the applicant.  Recent exemption letters include (a) and (b) in one letter.
     - A statement signed by you that your organization’s tax exemption under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and your status under Section 509(a) has not been revoked or modified.
    If the applicant is a unit of government, evidence of this relationship shall be submitted, and the legal title of the organization provided.
     - Its latest Annual Balance Sheet and detailed Income Statement (as audited by the organization’s Certified Public Accountant, if such audits are made).  Provide the most recent quarterly or monthly management financial statement  as well, if the annual statement is more than three months old.  This recent information should include a balance sheet and year-to-date income statement.

A grant request should be submitted in two copies (original with one copy),
except that if the accompanying printed or blueprint material is in limited supply, it may be provided in one copy.

Grant requests, when received, will be distributed to the officers of the VNA Foundation, Inc. for processing and will not be returned to the applicants.

When a grant request has been acted on by the Board of Directors, such action is final upon the request as presented.  It normally will not be carried over for future consideration at later Board meetings unless specifically designated for further investigation or deferred by the Board of Directors.  The applicant is not, however, precluded by denial of a request from making other new grant requests in the future unless the field of a denied request is one which our Board of Directors has limited by a policy determination.

Grant applicants should know that action by the Board of Directors of the Foundation ordinarily will not come in less than three months from the time the original complete grant request is filed.  In many instances, the time for consideration, staff or consultant investigation, decision by the Grants Committee and by the Board of Directors of the Foundation may be considerably longer than three months because of the nature of the grant request, lack of available funds, the amount sought, or the time elapsing until the next scheduled Board of Directors’ meeting.  Since grant requests are taken up in order filed, an early filing of your request as against any deadline, is strongly encouraged.

Grant requests should be addressed to:

VNA Foundation, Inc.
Web site:

Rev. 01/22
VNA Foundation, Inc.

1180 Spring Centre S. Boulevard, Suite 304
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714


Agency Name:________________________________________________________



Telephone: ____________________________________________________________

Proposal Request:______________________________________________________

Designated Spokesperson:  ______________________________________________

Alternate Spokesperson:_________________________________________________

Statement of Agreement:
We agree to furnish a report on expenses related to products and services funded by the grant.  We accept the terms and conditions set out in Exhibit A of the VNA Foundation, Inc. Grants Policies and Procedures Statement, attached hereto.

Our signatures acknowledge that the information contained in this funding proposal may be shared with other funders.  In addition, this certifies that this request is consistent with our organization’s Mission/Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and has been approved by a majority of the Board of Directors on (date):


Statement of Certification:
We certify that the 501(c)(3) status for  __________________________________   has not been revoked or modified since creation of the attachment.

_____________________________________                      ________________________________________

Typed Name of Agency Administrator                                 Typed Name of Board Officer

____________________________________                         ________________________________________

Signature                                                                                            Signature

____________________________________                          ________________________________________

Date:                                                                                                     Date:

Rev. 03/03


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